Financeport Consultants was constituted in the year of 2009 as a result of the desire of its founding partner to make available to his clients a capital of experience in business management, as well as the good practices acquired through the years of his business life, having held several responsibilities, in Administration of Human, Logistic and Financial Resources of several Companies.

Combining this important knowledge to the need of Businessmen or Investors to rely on the help of Trustworthy External Interlocutors and of unsuspected credibility, the project of Financeport Consultants is born, in a company located in Braga, in the North of Portugal.
Credibility, Trust and Confidentiality will always be our Values. These will always be present in the execution practices of our Work Projects.

We exist to provide Business Consulting Services, all kinds of Management Consulting, also working as Bank and Insurance Promoters.

We guide our conduct through strict principles of honorability, rigor and transparency, indispensable to the statute of Trusted Consultant, that we want to obtain from our Clients.

Our Target Market will preferably be the one of the whole Latin Community, Iberian Peninsula and Latin America, as well as the group of Portuguese Speaking Countries (PALOPS).